MemeTweets gets a big update

MemeTweets is our most successful android app to date and the number of users keeps increasing at a good rate. Over the weekend we worked on a massive update to the app that includes a few new features, some fixes and changes to the look and feel. [gallery link="file" columns="6"]

Look and feel

The look and feel of the whole app has changed. Gone is the dark blue background and bold white text, now are the days of black text on a white/grey background. Everything is easier to read. The story pages have a slightly tweaked layout too and has the advertising in a different location. Of course you can get rid of the ad's easily by buying the MemeTweets Ad Free Licence from the Android Market.

New features

  • Connect MemeTweets to Twitter
  • Retweet function that instantly tweets the story to your account


  • Fixed stories that showed no title and a 0 retweet count
  • Fixed the problem with only part of a stories title/excerpt displaying
  • Moved from XML to JSON for the TweetMeme API


  • Feedback form has been improved to fit with smaller screen sizes
  • Story images look better
  • Layout of the story screens

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