Announcing Motion.JS

March 31st, 2012 by Ollie Parsley


Motion.JS is a simple library that uses the Device Motion api, which is available in modern "smartphone" browsers to indicate orientation and rotation. The idea of Motion.JS is to make sense of the coordinates and mumbo jumbo that the event listeners emit. They are converted into simple events such as "shake". The library is Open Source, so anyone can feel free to fork the project on Github and push us any changes or fixes.

MemeTweets gets a big update

October 3rd, 2010 by Ollie Parsley
MemeTweets is our most successful android app to date and the number of users keeps increasing at a good rate. Over the weekend we worked on a massive update to the app that includes a few new features, some fixes and changes to the look and feel. [gallery link="file" columns="6"]

Look and feel

The look and feel of the whole app has changed. Gone is the dark blue background and bold white text, now are the days of black text on a white/grey background. Everything is easier to read. The story pages have a slightly tweaked layout too and has the advertising in a different location. Of course you can get rid of the ad's easily by buying the MemeTweets Ad Free Licence from the Android Market.

New features

  • Connect MemeTweets to Twitter
  • Retweet function that instantly tweets the story to your account


  • Fixed stories that showed no title and a 0 retweet count
  • Fixed the problem with only part of a stories title/excerpt displaying
  • Moved from XML to JSON for the TweetMeme API


  • Feedback form has been improved to fit with smaller screen sizes
  • Story images look better
  • Layout of the story screens

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Timmy the Twam bird

September 10th, 2010 by Ollie Parsley
Twam is our second Android application and showcases what we can do with various APIs including: To walk you through the app we have "Timmy the Twam bird". He's a happy little fella and will talk you through how to use the app and show you some statistics. But what does the app do? Well all you do is enter a Twitter users username. Then Timmy will work out how much of a spammer the account is. He takes into account a large number of areas such as how many people the account is following compared to the number they are following, if any recent tweets have malicious links, if the account is verified and if they have their profile filled out.


Market place link


MemeTweets has arrived

July 5th, 2010 by Ollie Parsley
MemeTweets is our first Android application and showcases what we can do with various APIs including:
  • Android
  • Twitter
  • YQL
  • Tweetmeme
But what is MemeTweets? Well it's a cunning play on words... Ok it's not really but as the app uses the Tweetmeme API extensively we can't call the app Tweetmeme. The app allows you do view the most popular links that have been shared and retweeted on Twitter. You can filter down serveral layers of categories to get stories for a specific topic. You can even search for the specific stories. This part of the app uses the Yahoo Query Language to access Tweetmeme as they do not offer search functionality in their API.
The app uses standard android features and has a intuitive user interface. Below are some comments from the beta testers. We'd like to thank the beta tests. Their efforts made the first version of the app much better with several bugs being squashed.


Market place link

Comments from the beta testers

Good FAST app, that's useful for not only finding out current Twitter trends, but also news & current affairs in general. Jeff Povey
Navigation intuitive... Good work! Richard Stubbs
The app is great. Tom

Hootware aquired by Twitter

April 1st, 2010 by Ollie Parsley
Hootware, the web application development company that focuses on Twitter based tools has (as of April 1st 2010) been aquired by Twitter Inc. As Twitters API platform is quickly expanding they felt the need to started hunting around for developers and innovators who have used Twitter for tools other than just sending and reading tweets. They saw Hootware and the tools we have created such as: These tools, though some of them use the API in a straight forward way, most of them like HootRoads use the geographical and additional metadata to create innovative tools and applications. Therefore Twitter have decided to aquire Hootware to not only bring new ideas and tools, but to also start a new team that will head up the  "Twitter Web Application Tab" or TWAT for short, an area of that will showcase the best applications and offical apps developed by Twitter. TWAT will be accessible in the form of a new section on the home page and will go live at the end of the first day of  the Chirp developer conference. Hootware will still exist and new applications will continue to be developed, but will be placed in the TWAT. An official post will be put on the Twitter blog. But until then I have a quote from Evan Williams, CEO of Twitter Inc.
It's great to have @ollieparsley and the @hootware team on board and I'm looking forward to the new TWAT section of the site. - @ev
Feel free to place your comments and questions below and I, or any of the Twitter team that are available will answer them. Update: Incase you are reading this after midday or not on April the 1st... This was an April fool!

Why not hire us?

December 20th, 2009 by Ollie Parsley
We have just created a "services" page which allows you to see some examples of the type of development work we can do for you, along with some rough price guides. We are pretty flexible and to us almost anything is possible. Please also see our "apps" page to see applications we have delivered in the past and to see what we can do.

If you wish to get in contact with us for more details or for a quote please use our contact form, or you can add a comment to this post.

This is the blog

November 23rd, 2009 by Ollie Parsley
I am never sure what to put in an opening post of a blog. Yet again I am in the same situation! So what is going to be on the blog? Bascially anything that is important enough to tell you about. This could be a good write-up, a new app launch or some relevant news from around the web. So please subscribe to the RSS feed and keep up with all the news and developments from Hootware. Ollie