There are 2 areas of development that we specialise in. These are Twitter and Facebook. Apart from just developing applications we are also available for consulting and helping you choose how you can enhance your brand using “social media” and what applications might benefit you. Your Twitter based application can usually be developed inside 2 weeks. As the concept of Twitter is so simple, there are many new and innovative ways it can be used. As you can see from the aps we have created to date, they cover a wide range of topics from sport news to voting whether you love or hate marmite.

Example development 1: brand voting application

This example is for a dedicated website and twitter account that allows a user to vote for one of x number of answers to a question by sending a “tweet” with a “hashtag” which indicated the answer. A sample of this is the website.
  • Development time: 1-2 weeks
  • Rough cost: £500 – £1000
  • Hosting cost: £30-£50 a month

Example development 2: brand monitoring and twitter account management

This app would be a web application that you or more than one employee could log into and tweet on hehalf of an official company account. The would also go deeper by allowing you to follow conversations and gain statistics on any links put into posts, view people talking about your company/brand/application, set up RSS feeds to post and schedule tweets.
  • Development time: 1-2 months
  • Rough cost: £2000-£5000
  • Hosting cost: £50-£100 a month

Get in touch with us

We can of course do development work that is different to the 2 examples above. If you would like more information or a firmer estimate please use the contact form and supply us with as much information as possible.